Contemplating Resolutions

I resolve to eat more pickles
And laugh out loud when you tickle.

I resolve to hold more hands
And travel and explore foreign lands.

I resolve to smell more popcorn
And never to be sad or forlorn.

I resolve to see more friends
And enjoy my life before it ends.

I resolve to hear more laughter
And live happily ever after.


The early morning sun
its gorgeous
pink-peach hues
as it
across the sky
a new day.

Traffic Woes

Traffic goes fast.
Traffic goes slow.
We mostly stop,
When we want to go.

New Camera

I got a new camera,
I point it and click.
Mom and Dad pose for me,
Sister threatens with a kick.

I try to take good pictures -
I tell people to say, "Cheese!"
But if I'm surprising them,
I don't ask, "Please?"

Winter Sun

winter sun
blinding glare
hurts my eyes
when I stare

clear blue sky
catch a glimpse
darkest tint

Ode to the Hummingbird

you flicker
you flick
with your tongue
you spit

you hum
you buzz
with feathers tiny
bird fuzz

fly fast
then stop
you sip nectar
last drop

green head
red breast
of all birds
loved best

Finally Christmas

Gifts have been given,
Gifts have been received.
My shopping is done,
And I am relieved.

Today is the day
For which I shopped.
Finally it's Christmas -
My budget popped.

Final Day

The tree is dolled up,
Strung full of lights.
On this dark December morn
It's a welcomed sight.

Our decorations are up.
Our preparations done.
Number of days until Christmas?
Exactly one!

Late Poem

Late with my poem -
I've had no time.
I've been having fun -
Which is not a crime.

Relatives are here -
So much to see.
Happy to have family
Hanging with me.

The Weatherman Lied

On the news,
The weatherman says,
"A warm sunny day
Is just ahead."

I go outside,
In shorts and a tee.
And it snows
Down on me.

Loving What Is

It's raining,
It's sunny -
I love what is.

It's sad,
It's funny -
I love what is.

It's expensive,
It's cheap -
I love what is.

It's shallow,
It's deep -
I love what is.

It's skinny,
It's fat -
I love what is.

It's this,
It's that -
I love what is.

Cousin Visit

My cousin is visiting,
She's sleeping on the couch.
She's super-lot-a fun
Though she tends to slouch.

She plays dolls with me,
And likes Lord of the Rings.
I love my cousin so much
For the joy she brings.

Fortune Cookie

light brown
folded cookie's
my fortune
lottery numbers?
a shame
too young to play
tasty treat
with hot tea
Chinese food

Hug and Kiss Makes Things Better

Mom's week started
With her sick in bed.
Bad cough, shivers,
A cold in her head.

She picked me up late
Something about the tire.
While she cooked dinner
There was a bit of a fire.

She plopped on the couch -
We heard her glasses break.
Head in hands she muttered,
"Now that takes the cake."

I give Mom a hug,
And a kiss on the cheek.
"Hope you feel better, Mommy,
You've had quite a week."

Cold Virus

My nose is stuffy,
My eyes are puffy.
I have a cold,
I feel so old.

I eat my soup -
Try to recoup.
In 7 to 10 days
I'll be able to play.

Wishful Thinking

I crawl,
I sneak,
Under the tree
I peek.

I shake,
I touch,
The squishy gifts
I clutch.

I hope,
I pray,
For a stuffed puppy
On Christmas Day.

Too Much Sugar

Gingerbread at school,
Sugar cookies at home -
Not another candy cane!

Donuts at Grandma's,
Fruitcake at Grandpa's -
My tummy is in pain.

Tantrum here,
Mood swing there -
Sugar makes me insane.

Rainy Day Drive

the rain comes down

we slosh through town


I wanted to read,
But my eyes drooped.
Mom said, "Go to bed."
She knew I was pooped.

Santa's Spy

At this time of year
Mom's always in a hurry.
She's mostly pleasant,
But sometimes she's surly.

When Mom is grumpy
With no time to get things done,
I do chores around the house
And be her most helpful son.

I feed the dog.
I take out the trash.
When Mom's not looking,
I search for hidden stash.

I'm sure Mom's in cahoots
With that jolly fat guy.
I am more nice than naughty,
Mom's Santa's number one spy.

Today's Forecast

Lazy with a Chance of a Movie.  
Partly Munchy with a Popcorn Advisory.
Pajamas Recommended.


My nose drips and flows.
Wet tissues ball up in my

Cold Mornings, Warm Afternoons

Frost on the rooftops,
So cold, cold, cold.

Waiting for the bus,
Gets old, old, old.

Hat, coat, mittens,
I'm snug, snug, snug.

Later these clothes,
I lug, lug, lug.

Escalator Escapades

We go up
the UP.

And down
the DOWN.

But sometimes...

We go down
the UP.

And up
the DOWN.

Then Mall Security
gives us a FROWN.

Principal's Visit

The Principal's in our classroom,
Who's he here to see?

The Principal's in our classroom,
Could it be me?

The Principal's in our classroom,
He's writing a lot down.

The Principal's in our classroom,
I can't stop acting like a clown.

The Principal's in our classroom,
Is getting ready to leave.

The Principal's in our classroom,
Ms. Smith looks relieved.

The Principal's in our classroom,
Is on his way down the hall.

The Principal's in our classroom,
Hope mom doesn't get a call.

Winter Warm Up

My teeth chatter...
Heater kicks on...
I start to warm up...
I finally defrost...
I don my thick robe...
Then get too hot...

We Search the Parking Lot

We search the parking lot.
Wander up this row,
shuffle down that one.
So many cars.
So many colors.
So many sizes.
Every car empty.
Waiting for its driver.
But where is our car?
Is that the door we went in?
By the shoe department?
Oops! Other side of the building.
By the shoe department.
That's the door we went in.
But where is our car?
Waiting for its driver?
Every car empty.
So many sizes.
So many colors.
So many cars.
Shuffle down that one,
wander up this row.
We search the parking lot.

At the Bookstore

I look around the bookstore
Books, books, books.

There are so many -
I look, look, look.

Books about trucks -
Vroom, vroom, vroom.

Books about music -
Croon, croon, croon.

I ask Mom for this book and that -
"Please, please, please!"

"We'll see," she says.
Tease, tease, tease.

I want every book -
All, all, all.

If I don't get them -
Bawl, bawl, bawl.

Mom gets me books -
One, two, three.

Now will you sit and read
With me, me, me?

December's a Blur

Buy this,
Wrap that,
A gift for all -
Don't forget the cat.

Mix this,
Bake that,
Season of treats -
Try not to get fat.

Holiday stress,
December's a blur,
Breathing deeply
Is the only cure.

Ready for Bed

In my bubble bath,
I scrub, scrub, scrub.
Mom checks on me,
"Out of the tub!"

With foaming teeth,
I brush, brush, brush.
Mom reminds me,
"Remember to flush!"

Upon leaving the bathroom,
I 'm clean, clean, clean.
Mom kisses me and says,
"Night-night, Jellybean."