Work In Progress

I write poems.  

Some are 
not great.  
I make mistakes...
sometimes the meter is off, 
sometimes the end rhyme doesn't quite work 
is forced, 
sometimes the poem just doesn't make sense.  

But I try.  
Maybe my next attempt 
will touch a reader 
in such a way that 
they smile, 
remember something from 
their own childhood 
 - ultimately feel something.  

My words may resonate 
with someone, 
for just a few minutes 
their mood is lifted, 
their day
is that much better 
of one of my poems.  

I hope so.  

My poems are 
a work in progress.  

I am 
a work in progress.  

My writing journey continues...stay tuned.

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Joy said...

Your poetry has greatly touched me. Thank you for your poetry, even the ones that are works in progress. I admire your WORK.

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