Passing Notes

I got in trouble in class
For the note I passed.
"Time Out" chair I was sent
To sit, think, and then repent.

So I sat and I thought,
But repent I did not.
For my note was for Mr. Brown
To tell him his fly was down.

©2011, Bridget Magee

Startling Discovery

At my school today
Kids have been gawking,
Laughing and pointing,
Whispering, talking.

I've become self conscious
Of the snickering stares.
Kids keep touching their noses -
It's more than I can bear.

I feel real jittery
Like when I've eaten too much sugar.
I flee to the bathroom
And discover a huge booger!

©2011, Bridget Magee


We had a bag of potato chips
And sour cream/Ranch dip.
With utmost precision
I dipped each of my chips.

But one time I got over zealous
And dipped my chip too hard.
When I pulled my hand away
I was gripping a single chip shard.

To rectify my mistake
I used another chip to scoop.
I salvaged my crumbled potato bits
And never let my smile droop.

©2011, Bridget Magee

Hidden Eraser

I search the whole house
For my hidden treasure.
I can't find what I'm looking for
Much to my displeasure.

I look in the desk.
I look by the phone,
I look in the junk drawer,
I turn every stone.

I ask my family -
My sister is quite the debater -
Eventually she lets it slip,
She hid my special eraser.

©2011, Bridget Magee

Not My Mess

The kitchen floor is a mess,
But I must confess,
It's was not made by me!

My kibble is strewn about -
My human lets out a shout,
She should not blame me!

In the middle of the night -
When there wasn't much light -
I could just make out the guilty "party".

They were small, brown, and furry -
The mess they made in a flurry.
They were as squeaky as can be.

If I wasn't such a tired pup
I would have caught the critters up,
Instead I rolled over so I couldn't see.

©2011, Bridget Magee

Dog Park Bliss

After welcoming sniffs,
Doggy sprints and zips.

She does a high stepping prance,
A tail wagging dance.

After minutes of unbridled play,
Doggy must stop and lay.

Then she has a long scratch
And she's off again with a dash.

Back in the car doggy gives a licky kiss
To thank us for her dog park bliss.


Phew!  Mom went to the store -
Now eating is not a chore.

Phew! I did my best -
I passed that test.

Phew!  It's OK girls and boys -
You can make noise.

Phew!  This is the last one -
This poem is done.

My Dog Is Lazy Until...

My dog is lazy,
Until she goes crazy...

From a passing dog
Or a jumping frog.

From a dibbling quail
Or lizard tail.

From the mail guy
Or a housefly.

My dog is crazy,
Until she's lazy.

Spicy Dinner

I don't like spicy food,I like my food bland -
My noodles plain,
My soups canned.

I sit down to eat
When dinner is ready.
I want something bland,
But I get a plate of spaghetti.

I nibble the meatball
All covered in sauce.
My mouth explodes -
Dinner's a total loss.

©2011, Bridget Magee

Growing Pains

I feel major pain
Inside both my shoes.
I can feel it when I walk -
I don't know what to do.

It's not a pebbly rock,
Or my little brother's block,
But I certainly feel it
Inside both my socks.

It's not a kernel of corn,
Or a pointy thorn.
I feel like
My socks are torn.

I stop and examine
My feet for more clues.
I'm shocked to discover
They're too big for my shoes.

©2011, Bridget Magee


I'm tired,
I'm beat,
I'm totally worn out.

I'm weary,
I'm bleary,
Completely tuckered out.

I climb into bed,
I rest my weary head,
Then I pass out.


©2011, Bridget Magee

Poetry Is Like...

is like
soda pop.


You drink it in
want to stop.

But sometimes

It is

a taste
in your mouth
that makes you 
want to 


©2011, Bridget Magee

One Sided Conversation

your side 
- only your side - 
the conversation.  

You speak 
"My BUNIONS are KILLING me!"  
you speak 
"And then she said..." 
"After that we went..." 
"You wouldn't believe what I saw..."  

When you finally pause, 
I know 
the person 
on the other end 
the line 
(the ONLY person who should be hearing your voice) 
is getting 
a word 

But the pause 
too brief, 
too fleeting.  

Before I know it 
your mouth 
full throttle, 
full volume.  

I'm not sure 
a phone 
at ALL times 
is such 
a good idea...

...for everyone else.

©2011, Bridget Magee

Formula for a Perfect Day (Canine Edition)

Wake up
+Ear Scratch
+Eat Last Night's Table Crumbs
+ Eat Kibble
+Couch Nap
+Chew Rawhide
+Human Bed Nap
+Cuddle with Human
+Go to Bed
  Adds up to a Dog's Perfect Day

©2011, Bridget Magee

Late Season Monsoons

Late season monsoons -
Boom!  Boom!  Boom!

The lightning keeps me awake -
The thunder makes me quake.

When rain comes down -
My pillow blocks the sound.

Late season monsoons -
Boom!  Boom!  Boom!

©2011, Bridget Magee

I've Got Freckles

I've got freckles.

On my nose,
Between my toes,
On my body parts,
Covered by my clothes -

I've got freckles.
Splotches and spots.
I could play
Connect the dots.

I've got freckles.

©2011, Bridget Magee

Lost Keys

Mom lost her keys.
She screeches,
"Help me please!"
Mom lost her keys...

We're already late.
Another tardy
Is my fate.
We're already late...

I look down low.
We need keys
So we can go.
I look down low...

I lift Mom's purse.
Mom screeches
A curse.

©2011, Bridget Magee

Tiny Rock Star

Tiny rock star,
Sings so loud.
When she sings the lyrics
She is so proud.

The music is blaring,
Her hips are swinging.
She is bopping,
Relishing her singing.

The rest of us
Cover our ears tight.
When she hits the high notes,
It's quite a fright.

©2011, Bridget Magee

Sick Day

I'm sick,
I'm warm.
In my bed,
I'm forlorn.

©2011, Bridget Magee


think back,

we must also
try to
so that
in the end
we can
move forward,

©2011, Bridget Magee

Burnt Paws

Our pooch ran around and around the pool
Barking and yipping like a fool.
Acting crazy is only one of her many flaws -
She also managed to burn all her paws.
Why didn't she just jump in the pool to keep cool?

©2011, Bridget Magee

Splash Park Fun

fountains squirt

I squeak

misty spray spritzes

I squeal

water's spurting

water's spouting

water's streaming

I'm shouting,
"What a perfect day!"

©2011, Bridget Magee

Bedtime Story

I burrow 
into Mama's side, 
into her scent, 
into her warmth.  

I focus 
on her voice 
as she reads 
the words, 
as she shares 
the story 
in her 

The characters 
play out their parts 
in my mind, 
my imagination 
fills in 
all the details 
the author left out.  

I rest my eyes, 
Mama's soothing tone 

The next thing I know 
it is morning 
with the sound 
the dishwasher
 being emptied 
the smell
Dad's coffee 
through my covers.  

The bedtime story 
from last night 
in my mind, 
an aftertaste 
my dreams.

©2011, Bridget Magee

Scorpion "Attack"

Mama gave a high pitched scream,
And danced wildly as she jumped back.
She used lots of colorful language
During her "dangerous" scorpion attack.

Mama's animated reaction
Was ear piercing and exciting.
"Watch out!" Mama screeched.
"It might still be biting!"

I didn't have the heart to tell her -
Scorpions don't bite, they sting instead.
Or that the scorpion that "attacked" her
Was doing neither - it was dead.

©2011, Bridget Magee

Unseasonably Warm

The calendar says September,
And I try hard to remember,
That the Autumn is on its way.

In this heat I feel super lazy,
My brain is getting kinda hazy -
How do I bottle this heat for a winter day?

Mom tells me to lay low,
Drink lots of water, and take it slow.
It's difficult when I'm at school.

With ice cube lesson plans,
Our teacher helps us as best she can,
But at recess it's hard to keep cool.

The calendar may say one thing,
Mother Nature does her own thing -
I listen to Mom and try not to be a fool.

So I read lots of books to lay low,
And drink so much water that I am slow,
And after school, I splash in the pool.

©2011, Bridget Magee

Happy Labor Day!

No school today,
We have a day to play,
All because it's Labor Day!
Who's Mr. Labor anyway?
And how'd he score this holiday?
I'm thankful either way...
A day off school is A-OK!

©2011, Bridget Magee

Road Construction

Big trucks rumble,
Our street crumbles -
All day long.

Street workers hurry,
Hard hats they scurry -
All day long.

Jackhammer, backhoe,
With a dump truck in tow-
All day long.

When will they be done?
Playing outside is no lot fun -
All day long.

An empty street,
Would be a treat -
All day long.

©2011, Bridget Magee


I made a boo-boo,
I cry boo-hoo,
I’m sorry.

I’m sad,
You’re mad,
I’m sorry.

I’m better now,
I don't know how,
I’m sorry.

I no cry,
You no sigh,
I’m sorry.

I wuv you,
Hug-hug, too,
I’m sorry.

©2011, Bridget Magee

Dance Fever

I'm hot,
I shake.

I sway,
I shudder.

I shimmy
My shivers.

Glassy eyed,
I grin.

I'm smooth,
I groove.

I'm sick,
But I feel the beat.

I prance in
My pajama pants.

A fevered trance
While I dance.

©2011, Bridget Magee

Lunch Box Love

Ham sandwich, apple slices -
Same lunch every day!
Potato chips, oatmeal cookies -
Hey, what's this say?

A note packed with my lunch
Makes lunchtime easier to bear.
I unfold the piece of paper
And read what's written there:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
As you munch your lunch today,
I'll be thinking of YOU!

Love, Mom

©2011, Bridget Magee