Creepy Crawlies

My week started off normally,
With lots to do and lots to see.

Until the mysteries of the woodwork
Revealed themselves and went berserk.

On Monday I saw a slimy, green bug -
I had to call my brother, Doug.

On Tuesday I spotted a nasty, hairy spider -
Out came my mouthful of cider.

On Wednesday I noticed a wiggly worm -
Which inspired my primal dance and squirm.

On Thursday I eyeballed a bulbous bee -
On scurrying feet I did flee.

On Friday I saw a droning black fly -
At this point I just blubbered and cried.

On Saturday I spied a slithering snake -
My knees went weak and I started to shake.

Today is Sunday and I am very wary -
Any more creepy crawlies would be just too scary.