Tick-tock it is six o'clock
Ugh, still dark - can't find my sock.

Tick-tock it's seven o'clock
So tired I want to squawk.

Tick-tock it is eight o'clock
Oops, missed the bus - now I walk.

Tick-tock it is nine o'clock
Wish I hadn't worn my Crocs.

Tick-tock it is ten o'clock
After that walk I am a jock.

Tick-tock it's eleven o'clock
I wish I could be at the dock.

Tick-tock it's twelve o'clock
Must eat lunch - no time to talk.

Tick-tock it is one o'clock
Boo-hoo, locker has jammed lock.

Tick-tock it is two o'clock
The end of school day clock mocks.

Tick-tock it is three o'clock
I ride the bus home six blocks.

Tick-tock it is four o'clock
Forgot my key - have to knock.

Tick-tock it is five o'clock
Snack is a celery stalk.

Tick-tock it is six o'clock
My homework load makes me balk.

Tick-tock it's seven o'clock
Still have homework - I'm in shock.

Tick-tock it is eight o'clock
Lights out - I sleep like a rock.

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